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Fright Nights and Howl-O-Ween

Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:29 pm

So about 20 days ago, I did Thorpe's and Chessie's Halloween celebrations!
Warning: Contains spoilers of Studio 13, Vampire: The haunting in the Hollows, Zufari and The mystery of Hocus Pocus hall
Fright Nights
When I arrived at the turnstiles, the film on the screen and in the dome set quite a mood. I'm pretty sure there was a smell in the dome, not sure though...
I had to queue about 15 minutes just to get my disabled band... Not impressed!
Once I'd collected the band and got my ticket for Studio 13 BTS, we went to Quantum for our first ride. But it was broken!
So we headed through Colossus and rode Rocky Express, which was great fun!
We then went down to Angry Birds Land and did King Pig's, which was incredibly rough and uncomfortable!
After the bump 'n crash, we went to X, which was amazing- the lights and the music provided a memorable experience! So we did a double-round of X.
I then went to Swarm to buy my amazing hoodie- was blown away by the theming!
A quick go on Mr. Monkey's before we took a behind-the-scenes of Studio 13...
It was amazing learning all of the facts- Asylum went because it didn't fit in, they used a real chainsaw for the finale, and got a quick look at the actors runs!
Another round of X before some chips at Stealth.
We then experienced Angry Birds 4D, which was so much better than Ice Age- I think Angry Birds needs lap-bars!
Then I braved two rides I would soon regret: Storm in a Teacup and (the fixed) Quantum...
Storm made me feel ill, and I kept on thinking I was gonna crash into the other cups! On Quantum, The positive G-forces threw me into the lap bar- the vomit cleanup prior should've warned us!
It quickly became dark, where we saw Swarm in its night-time glory, riding Mr. Monkeys and X countless times!
Then we all met up and got on the bus back...

The next day was spent sleeping and watching TV...

Then it was time to leave for Chessington!
We arrived at a good time, and had our first ride of the day on Tomb Blaster- I, unfortunately, came second!
We then rode Zufari, which was quite good. I put my Dad on the far side of the vehicle, so he got soaked in the cave!
Then it was time for a proper adrenaline rush- onto the coasters!
First off was Scorpion Express, which was not very thrilling, but the theming made up for that!
Then was the Rattlesnake... Which was amazing! The hairpins turns threw me into the side of the car, and the drops shook me about!
Next up: A walk through trail of the kings to Vampire...
The station took me away entirely. I held on to the bars at my side as the train rattled itself up the lift. Before I knew it, I was whizzing around the trees of Transylvania!
Then we splashed into Bubbleworks- where we had an equally great time!
Then we had lunch at the Fried Chicken company before heading up to The mystery of Hocus Pocus hall...
I really enjoyed Hocus Pocus. The actors where lively (the Jamaican girl was hilarious) and the theming was brilliant! My friend forced me to go at the front of the group for the mirror maze- I couldn't tell if the actors where reflected or not!
As dusk fell, we rode Dragon's Fury- which was spin-tastic!
Then, we returned to Transylvania for Vampire: The haunting in the Hollows...
We where put in the middle of the conga-line. The scares where excellent- I was genuinely scared! The ending was extremely claustrophobic, with actors everywhere and blue smoke!
The rest of the evening was spent re-riding all the coasters- in the dark!
I had my last ride of the season on my new favorite coaster, Vampire. Then all went quiet...
We purchased some delicious donuts before leaving a park for the last time this year...

Overall, both days where fantastic, with both Chessington mazes being the highlights!
Hopefully can return for Winter's Tail!
Have a good closed season!

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