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Walibi Holland Summer Trip 2015

Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:05 am

So, I went to Walibi Holland last week. I went as a coach trip with some mates, on a baking hot day. Goliath is the first thing you see walking towards the entrance out of the Coach Car Park. The walk to the entrance goes past the turn which was cool. When you enter through the entrance gates, you are confronted with a shop, which is a unique shop because it is the only ride I have ever been on, where the entrance to the ride is in a shop, as well as the exit. This was Express Platform 13, which we went on In a bit. Firstly, we went straight to Golaith. The queue was minimal for Goliath, and I got on the Second row. It was a very enjoyable ride, especially the last two hills, were the Airtime was one of the best airtimes that I have ever experienced. After this, We went on Robin Hood after a 20-25 min queue. Another enjoyable ride. Thought it could have been longer though, and with more airtime. It also wasn't very smooth. After this, we decided to try out Express: Platform 13. The shop didn't really fit in with the theme of the ride, but I thought the atmosphere in the queueline was fantastic. Reminded me a lot of ToT at Disneyland. The ride itself wasn't as great, but I didn't care. After this, we went on Excalibur. On a hot day, this was very refreshing. The final ride we went on was El Condor. This does top my list. It is easily tops my list of worst rides I have ever been on. It was so uncomfortable, alhough I wasn't expecting much from a Vekoma SLC.

Overall, I rate Walabi 7/10. A nice small park that is good for families and on a hot day. Just don't bother with El Condor.

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