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Alton Towers- 1st September 2012

Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:14 pm

I woke up at a standard time, a bit miffed. I didn't really want to go to Alton Towers. I'd rather have stayed at home, or with a friend, or at my Grandmas. But I got up as usual, had breakfast and got washed and dressed. I then sat in the lounge and my brother's friend, Dan, told me about a really bad theme-park he had visited and it had a roller-coaster with a really tight loop. No way would I ever go on anything like that! I came out back into the dining room- it was quite busy with bags and foods. At this point, I considered asking to go somewhere else. But instead I ran around the rooms as I was bored!

After three hours of travelling through countless motorways and country roads, we arrived at the entrance. It took a while too get our car parked. The main car-park was full so we parked by a big, grassy bank by some large redish building. I left the car and had a delicious French biscuit before a walk to the Monorail. I could hear something in the distance- I still wonder what it was!

We queued a while for the Monorail- right round the shed where you got on. We then sorted out tickets before I used the toilet and headed onto the attractions. We took a stroll up to X-Sector fist
I had a hunch to what it could be- the first coaster that goes up whilst twisting! That's what was on the posters- it had to be that?
Who would want to do that? A steep drop into a pit. Seriously!? And my Dad is asking if I want to do it. Why!? Why on earth would you want to ride a hideous creation like that! Onto the next area.

My Dad, brother and his friend go off to ride Rita, whilst I go to Ice Age 4D with my Mum and sister. I'd always wanted to do a 4D cinema, the one at Legoland was shut last time I visited. It was alright, quite mediocre though, Wish I had ridden something else. Oh well, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory seemed promising! But it wasn't. It was bland an un-original... Except the "lift" at the end. That was very exciting!

After a quick bite to eat, I left the girls for a ride on Th13teen. I had seen a video on the park's website and knew that something was going to jump out at me. What I got was far, far worse!

We climbed on board after a boring 45 minute queue, and... TZZZZZZ-EE-TTZZZZZZ-BAAAA-TTTZZZZZZ! The giant plasme ball made me jump out of my skin. Onto the ride!
"Whooo!" My hands shot up as we climbed up a steep hill. But I held onto my bar as we plummeted down a super steep drop! We then stormed around some nerve-wracking corners before another climb.
"You OK Mo?" My Dad asked.
Then we dropped. Not normally, but down, like a drop ride. Then we went "blackwards"! WOW. That was terrifying! I was pale and shaking for a good twenty minutes afterwards! We then met up outside a spooky house. I think I'll save Duel for a later date.

Instead of getting an Ice-Cream, I got a nice key-ring of 13 so I could remember my ride.

It took us a while to leave the park as the parking ticket machined had messed up, which caused some confusion!


I thought I'd share my first visit to the park with you. It's been three years since I became an enthusiast, and I owe it to one ride! I'd also like to say thank-you to the whole community for helping me on my way. I've been scared of these coasters for years. Now I'll ride anything without thinking. And, tomorrow I'll have been a part of TTSP for a year. A whole year! Time really has gone quicky.

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