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Project Towers: NL2 team meet 12th - 16th September 2015

Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:48 pm

As most people know I spent 5 days in Staffordshire over the past week with the Project Towers NL2 team, 4 days were spent at Alton Towers Resort and the fifth (the Tuesday) at Thorpe Park. For a first meeting of the full team the trip was incredible! On the Saturday I travelled across to Uttoxeter around midday time where I was picked up and taken to where we'd be staying by Boz. Upon meeting up with Coaster-inc and Dave we travelled to AT resort mid afternoon, where we took part in the Tree Top Quest High Ropes course and went in the Splash Landings waterpark. For a first time try at the TTQ high ropes I thoroughly enjoyed it, it proved to be a lot more challenging for all of us than we thought! Dave bought GoPro footage from his helmet, and we can all be seen in it.

The next day (Sunday) all four of us went on park, and met up with Ben Moore (Part of RealTycoon3 from ages ago along with Coaster-inc and TheCodemaster) to celebrate his birthday on park. We surprised him with his own Project Towers personalised hoodie, so the atmosphere that day was amazing with all 5 of us in our team hoodies getting recognised by the park! At the end of the day after Ben went home we chilled in the Dragon Bar in ATH where we were joined by the ever friendly Dave/Mr Pino for some entertainment. We then joined him again in Ma Garrita's for a more amusing experience.

The next day was crucial to go as planned. Monday was the day we isolated for collecting data around the park, including taking measurements of areas and scanning various 3D objects that would prove too difficult to model in SketchUp. We began the day over in Forbidden Valley where we ran into some problems accessing Nemesis' upper extended queueline. Keeping our promise to stay within the areas publicly accessible we then went to Air to record some audio of the lift hill motor and anti-rollback dogs. From there we spent a few hours in Haunted Hollow alone, 3D scanning the many statues along the path. Following this we progressed to Hex where we managed to take some measurements in the Armory for modelling the queue line fencing. In X-Sector many photos were taken of The Smiler (and I mean MANY) for continuing to progress the trackwork of the many elements. Finally at the end of the day we decided to claim the final run of Hex, with ONLY the four of us walking through the entire attraction. It felt quite odd being one of very few people in the vault, being able to hear the mechanism straining whilst the room moved O.o One point that will make more sense in the future is what we discussed whilst having lunch in the Cloud Cuckoo Land Burger Kitchen. The future of Project Towers NL2 is changing, for the better. Once our Facebook page hits 1000 likes, we'll reveal this exciting development!

Then came Tuesday! This day was interesting to say the least... Thorpe Park awaited us, as we woke up at 4am to get ready and go. The drive down went fine, although about halfway there I realized Id left my MAP at the holiday home. Thankfully I still had my £10 friend vouchers so I used one of those to enter. Dave had never been to Thorpe Park before then so it was a new experience for him. First up was Colossus, where Dave and I rode straight on the front row. This was a new experience for me too and given my previous hatred of Colossus, I can say I enjoy it now! Saw was closed briefly in the morning due to the wind sensor getting set off so they were running empty temporarily, so the next stop was a reride of Colossus. By the time we got off Saw was back open so we rode that, fairly rough ride but nothing too painful. Nemesis Inferno was running beautifully, two consecutive rides on front row and back! The Swarm we only went to once, however the queue was that dead that I managed to fit in two rides on the 4th and 5th rows. Finally the experience on Stealth. Again, Dave and I went straight to the front row, for another amazing Intamin experience! The rest of the rides were running as expected, although there has to be a highlight of riding Loggers Leap with 2 people to the boat! We ended up eating at Fin's Bar and Grill in the Dome where we all caught up and discussed further the details of Project Towers' future. The interesting part was getting home. We left the park and got in the car to head back to Staffordshire, however the car wouldn't accelerate, and we instead ended up returning to the car park where we called out the AA. It was a further 5 hours after ride close until we got picked up by a recovery truck, and yet ANOTHER 5 hours before we returned to the house. We were not impressed. Though we did get Dominoes delivered to the car so that was fun!

Wednesday was a relaxed day. Boz had gone home after the day at Thorpe Park because that was easier for him, so it was just myself, Dave and Coaster-inc left. We didn't spend very long on park at all, more time here was spent packing up and preparing to head home. However at around 2pm we decided we'd all chip in for a taxi and went on park for a few hours. We managed to record some better audio around Nemesis and Air, and the same in X-Sector of Oblivion. The later part of the day towards park close was spent chatting to various members of park staff who came to talk to us about the project. I can safely say that Alton Towers are interested in this project and we're beginning to get recognised! Coaster-inc remained in Staffordshire after I returned home as he has another week there on park. Keep your eyes peeled for future developments from Project Towers, there's lots to see!

Sorry if this rambled a bit too much, there was 5 days to remember and condense into as short a report as possible, there are photos from the trip on the Project Towers: NL2 Facebook page linked in my signature. Thanks for reading!

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