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Thorpe Park 26/09/2015

Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:16 pm

Thorpe Park 26/09/2015 Trip report

This was my first visit to Thorpe park in a long while, the last time i went was a good 6 or 7 years ago (so I wasn’t able to do any of the ‘big’ rides). We started the day quite early (one of the first to enter) and went straight to Colossus, I thought it was a great ride (not as good as smiler) but quite a head banger. Then we did Saw - The Ride, one word, WOW! Saw the ride was great, from the theming in the queue and the bloody petrifying shotguns inside (that literally scared the living hell out of me!), to the inner-ride pre show (we got the 2nd loading train) the drop was breathtaking and the rest of the ride was great, onto Loggers Leap, once again I loved it, not too wet, but not too dry, swiftly moving onto Slammer, an incredible flat ride, that is also very sickly (especially straight after breakfast!!). Now the queues in the park quickly grew, so we did I’m a celebrity, that i was not keen on, all it is, is just a glorified haunted house themed to a jungle, that you queue ridiculous amounts of time for (we queued at least 70 minutes). Now another coaster credit, Nemesis Inferno, I loved the mist corridor at the beginning (would love AT to do something like that with Air or the tunnel for oblivion), it wasn’t as good as the original (of course) but still a great B&M. Then it was time for storm in a teacup, Dodgems, Detonator and Angry Birds 4d, all great rides. Then it was time for my most highly anticipated ride, Stealth!! Wow! What a ride, so much better than Rita, it is everything Rita isn’t!! Then we went to Swarm Island, and obviously rode The Swarm, a great themed ride, the head choppers were great as well as the fire, water and sound effects. Flying fish was ok, not very good, could do with some theming, maybe like Octonauts. We also did X (great light and smoke effects), Rush, Quantum and Zodiac, all great flats, with Rush being my highlight. Tidal Wave, Vortex and Samurai all were not operating. Finally to end the day we did Storm Surge (to be honest, absolutely rubbish!!) it was a huge disappointment, we just got wet feet, I thought you were supposed to get wet on a water ride which they say many times in the queue-line (y’all gonna get a propa’ soakin’). Not worth the 90 minute wait at all. Depth charge was ok, same with Rumba rapids. We were able to fit Saw and Stealth in one last time, with the help of fastrack. Overall a great day out, fright nights construction looking great already!

Colossus 7/10
Saw - the Ride 10/10
Stealth 9/10
Nemesis Inferno 8/10
I’m A Celebrity 2/10
The Swarm 8.5/10
Depth Charge 4/10
Loggers Leap 7/10
Rocky Express 4/10
The Slammer 8/10
Rush 10/10
Quantum 7/10
Zodiac 6/10
Rumba rapids 6.5/10
X 7.5/10
Storm Surge 1.5/10
Angry Birds Land 8/10

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