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Alton Towers Fireworks 2015 06/11/2015

Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:21 pm

Let’s get first things first, I wasn’t here for rides and that sort of stuff!!

I arrived at the park at approximately 5.30pm/6pm, Friday was fairly (like last year) there was a fairly large queue to get in (to the car parks and to get in the actual ‘AT’ road). Thee was a line for monorail, going beyond the golf, so binned that idea, so walked! There was another wait to get in, but got in, in the end! In the end we didn’t get in until about 6.45pm. So, by the time I got in pretty much all the good viewing spots were taken, but sticking to my strategy, push your way to the front, we got a decent spot at the bottom of Towers Street.

The Display

To start this wasn’t the best display has ever done, my personal favourite one was the display in 2013 (I think). With the ‘timekeeper’ and memories. But back to this years display... It started off similar to last years display, but with a twist... I loved the actors and the enterprise and thought it definitely added another dimension, although, next year I’d like there to be more stages, or taller ones nearer Towers Street. I loved the uses of ‘phases’ for change in the soundtrack. I thought that the tracklist this year was very strong, Bills seemed to be a crowd favourite all 3 nights. The fireworks themselves couldn’t be faulted, perfectly timed as well. The lasers and lighting this year had definitely stepped up a level, although the lasers did seem to be a bit overused this year, but, hey ho!! But, what I wasn’t a fan off was the many ‘gap-zones’ wow, how many... I won’t rant on, but AT should no better!! The finale as always was great, and definitely ‘beats your heart!!’. The story this year wasn’t as clear as well, but I loved the Justin Bieber joke!! What a burn! I also wasn’t very keen on the new ‘voiceover’ guy. But overall I thought the display was nice and good, not wow! I have to rave about it to all my friends, but it was nice/good.

For future displays I’d like a ‘4D’ element like bubbles, fire (like 2014), Co2, water spray and scent pods.... I also think that for crowd control they should pen rows in, and let them out in batches at the end (like at several concerts I’ve attended, and it helps one hell of a lot!!)

The Rides

As I said at the beginning I wasn’t here for rides but I did Ripsaw, Blade, Nemmy (twice), Air (twice), Rita and Th13teen. I wasn’t willing to queue 2hrs for Sonic!!. As I said earlier, it was hard getting through the crowds to Mutiny Bay.

Overall, this years event was great and I had a very good time, as mentioned before, I’m glad people are coming back to the park (after the Smiler crash). Keep it up Alton Towers!!

I also videoed most of the display (on Friday) And they can be found here!! :D

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