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Tulleys Shocktoberfest 2016

Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:38 pm

I visited Tulleys for the first time this year and I felt it was a bit hit and miss. A couple of their mazes really fell flat. The one thing I can not fault Tulleys on is their themeing. Its incredible. Here is my spoiler review of each of the mazes:

Hellements The Ritual - 2/10

What the hell is this supposed to be. Similar to Molly Crowe in that you wear hoods, that's about as exciting as it gets. The rope you follow is hard to find at points because it changes in size and texture. Not much happens. The only exciting bit in the maze itself the fire finale and for the two seconds that it happens, it does make you go what the hell was that. Its loud, hot and bright.

The Creepy Cottage - 1/10

I literally don't remember anything this maze. It was that dull, but has good themeing.

Coven of 13 - 7/10

This one was very different. It started of very well and very different to the conventional maze. It has the giant inflatable things, but instead of having your whole body crushed by it, its from the waist down and you follow it around and it makes you face the way the actors are, but you don't see them due the clever placing of the lasers. Then it goes all Blair Witch with the bushes. You then go into a house, which is very well themed. Then comes the lead up to the finale, which is where this maze is let down. The finale is terrible. Its literally 2 wind machines, a giant contained drum and a woman who sounds like she's getting up to adult things.

The Horrorwood Hayride - 6/10

I have given this 6 out of 10 purely because its not scary at all (Unless your Amber). Its more comical than scary. That being said I did let out a whoa when the sign fell down, as wasn't expecting that. I can't fault the actors as they try their hardest. The idea of this haunt is very different and a nice sit down. The fire effects also pack a punch, even if they are setting fire to the trees :lol

The Colony - 8/10

This haunt is quite impressive for two reasons. The themeing on this is incredible and its a maze that your sort of wish would end but it never actually does when you want it too. There is one room in particular that makes me nervous and all it is is a completely pitch black room with 1 actor in. I jumped when they came right up behind and yelled. Overall the haunt is done very well and does get a lot of screaming from the screamers.

Chop Shop - 5/10

The beginning of this haunt is very well themed but then it lets itself down. It has the same issue as Big Top last year. It is very spacious and feels like the actors have to work double as hard to make use of the area. This one in particular likes its chainsaws, which I feel are slightly overused in this attraction.

Now the best two of my visit

PanDEMONiums 3D Carnival - 9/10

This would have got 10 out of 10, but it had a trummel :lol The first part of this maze is confusing. It has no clear path of which way you have to go, you can't see too far ahead and you can get lost, all of which is a plus in my books. The actors are proper creepy in this bit. They are overly happy and in your face and its unnerving. Than all of a sudden you come face to face with the brightness. You get given 3D glasses and things go psychedelic. You can't really see the actors in the second half of the maze as they blend into the background well, its proper trippy and sometimes hard to see where you have to go and the floor and rooms change size and shape. A personal highlight in this maze was the swinging lady, She was singing Chandlier by Sia and I made a passing comment saying it should be Wrecking ball and she changed her position on the swing and started singing it.

The Cellar - 10/10

This haunt was just incredible. Right form the start with the warning announcement with regards to the usual pregnant women etc was brilliant. Its dark, tight spaces, shifts in heights, unexpected actors, comedic moments. It all works extremely well. From the decending floor with the inflatables, to the actor watching Jeremy Kyle and freaking out when you walk in front of the TV. Its just awesome and brilliant.

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