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Alton Towers 2nd April 2017 Trip Report

Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:23 pm

I went to AT today (Sunday 2nd April 2017) and the park really seemed alive with atmosphere (dare I even say a little magical). The weather was fantastic which really helped!

I managed to renew my annual pass before having one ride on Oblivion and two rides on Nemesis during early ride time. Both were walk on and are my two favourite coasters on park :D After Nemesis, Galactica was stuck on the lift hill so we rode Duel instead. Whilst not the worst I've seen it, the ride could do with some work. The trommel is still off and as many have said, some of the lights are just too bright so you can see the mechanisms behind the animatronics.

We then headed to Dark Forest before the crowds built up and rode Rita & Th13teen. Rita seemed to be dispatching trains much quicker than on my visits last season which I was happy about. Th13teen was only running two out of it's three trains all day for some reason and therefore the queue had quickly jumped up to 30 minutes but I think most people forget this ride has a SRQ. 0 mins thank you very much :lol

Hex. So glad to get back on it. The atmosphere inside is incredible however I did think that the audio inside the cinema room was a little too loud as it could be heard from the queue line! Although overall, a great ride that I'm glad is back open! I had a quick glance at Driving School and it looked quite good as well.

Then it was time for The Smiler. Rougher than I remember but still not nearly as bad as Colossus @ Thorpe. Every time I ride I wish they'd have let Gerstlauer put lap bars on it to eleminate the head banging. Oh well, one day maybe :P

Did the other general things you would expect in a day at Towers, Spinball, Rapids, SW8 construction updates etc. Nothing that others haven't already said for me to say!

Just a couple of side notes, it's very annoying that Oblivion has a 40 minute queue on half capacity, I really wish they would put it on double loading more often.

Secondly, there was definitely something going on at Sub-Terra today. The door was open which I have not seen in a very long time, lights were on and staff were inside the scare maze section.
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