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Planning Summer Trips

Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:19 pm

Hey everyone! This summer I am planning a visit to a few parks I'm yet to visit as well as a couple I've been to before and was looking for any tips or tricks you lot may have for me.

Liseberg (7th-9th June)
I'll be arriving at Gothenburg around Midday before checking into my hotel and having my first afternoon in Gothenburg. In the morning of the 8th I plan to wander around the city a bit before heading back into the park. On the ninth I plan on exploring the city a bit more and meeting up with a friend who lives in the area before my flight leaves at 6PM. My express pass is for the 7th and has Mechanica at 8, Balder at nine and Helix at 10. What do you recommend for grabbing a bite to eat (I heard MAX are really good for when I'm in the park) and where outside of the park would you recommend a visit to? I have a slight interest in modern art so something related to that would be great! Also, is there a way to pre-book the train trip from the airport and how much will it cost?

Europa Park/Holiday Park (Some time between 3rd-11th July)
Me and a friend are visiting another friend in Germany and at some point in the week we want to visit both Europa Park and Holiday Park. Both me and my German friend have visited Holiday Park before but we're all new to Europa. We'll be staying about an hour and a half away from Holiday and about 2 hours from Europa, and because of the distance my friend thinks it'll be alright to just visit Europa for one day. My German friend is really into theming and detailed scenery but my other friend just likes to be spun around a bit. What rides would you recommend prioritising? I also read that if the park closes earlier, it's more likely to be quiet. Would you say this would help us get things out of the way or will the place still be busy from school visits and the like? (not to mention the new ride opening weeks before) And of the days we're in Germany, when would be the best time to visit EP and HP? Again food recommendations would be great. I do remember HP having a nice Schnitzel house outside its dark ride but anything else to try out would be nice too.

Tayto Park (Sometime this year I hope)
At a recent family get together, my cousin heard I was into theme parks and invited me over to stay with his family in Belfast to head down to ROI and visit Tayto park. Outside of my previously mention trips and a few days in June when I'm working, my schedule's free until mid September so when abouts would be the best time to visit? I know the park's rather small an hasn't opened its second major ride just yet but does anyone have a plan of attack for the place?

I think that just about covers it. If you have any questions for me regarding stuff with the trips, feel free to ask me. :D
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Re: Planning Summer Trips

Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:15 pm

For Tayto, be advised that the park only opens on weekends throughout September. The best time to visit would likely be June, as this is the only time in your mentioned months in which the park is open on weekdays, but the Irish school holidays aren't on. Visit on a weekday in June and the park will probably be dead - I managed 11 rides on Chulainn without much effort on my weekday in September (they used to open on selected September weekdays).

For reference, the Irish summer holidays are 1st July to 31st August every year. I'd use the park's opening times and this holidays info to pick a day. Be aware that if you go in peak summer, you should expect queues of up to 45 minutes or even an hour. Can't comment on September weekends, but I'd guess it'll be in between a weekday and school holidays. Small bonus of visiting on weekdays is the Factory Tour.

As a plan of attack, get the non-rides (zipline, sky walk etc) done early if you want to do them, because the slow-moving afternoon queues for those are horrible. Otherwise, a plan of attack isn't necessary, especially if you get a quiet day.
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Re: Planning Summer Trips

Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:42 pm

For Liseberg, head towards Loke, Jukebox, Kallerado and Balder, then towards Flume ride and Mechanica where there is another small escalator or set of stairs towards aerospin. Afterwards head along the path towards Helix and Atmosfear via screaming swing. If you like burgers have Max, in the building after helix. If you're an Italian fan, do Lisebergbanan, head into the family area and eat at the Italian. Generally Italians right before thrill rides apparently doesn't end well, but I've never had this problem, just in case, after lunch do the rides in the family area.

I've missed some rides on here, but I suggest just doing them on route. By the time you've done all these you should by about 2-4 hours into your day depending on queues. This allows you to do rerides for the rest of the day/night. I'm just going to warn you that the park was clear by around 3 when I went. Everything was walk on, not even full trains. This was the last weekend in August, but in the morning I'd suggest following this route to get everything done. For Teatime, there's an stunning restaurant under Lisebergbanans station, themed to trains, it was about 7:00 when I went here and I don't think too many people realise it's there, and it was one of the Nicest restaurants I've been to in the whole of the country. That should be everything for the park.

For the city, I suggest getting a team out to the coast, where you can get a boat out around the archipelago, and get off at some of the islands. Heading back into the city, there is a few art museums although I didn't go in any. It is a very nice city to walk around in the centre as well. I'll try look into the actual city itself and recall it later on because my mind has gone blank. :lol

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