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Blackpool Pleasure Beach 11th August 2018

Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:59 pm

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Trip Report Saturday 11th August 2018:

We had a fantastic day at Pleasure Beach yesterday, one of the best days that I've had at a UK park in a long time.

We began the day early by arriving at the ticket centre at about 9:40am. The wristband collection process was efficient and we waited less than 2 minutes to collect ours as every station was open meaning that the queue moved really fast.

The park was open by 9:45am despite an advertised 10am opening, which was a bonus! We managed to get on many rides in the first hour, including Ice Blast, Flying Machines, Nickelodeon Streak, Revolution, SkyForce and Steeplechase.

Ride operations were great throughout the day, especially on the coasters with them all running to maximum capacity. ICON runs incredibly well on 3 trains with a full queue line only lasting 15-20 minutes which is fantastic for a busy summer Saturday on what is definitely my favourite coaster in the UK.

We also had the opportunity to watch Hot Ice "Mesmerise", the park's signature summer production. All I can say is wow! Pleasure Beach have outdone themselves this year with an amazing 50 minute performance featuring original music, over 30 skaters, excellent lighting and special effects including mist and fire. The show is completely free if you have a Pleasure Beach wristband and is absolutely worth checking out!

We managed lots of rides during the day, including 7 rides on ICON which I have to say is so much faster in the evening than in the morning. Given that the park was open until 10pm and rides in the firework exclusion zone were open until 9pm we were just about able to get a night ride on it which was spectacular and solidified the ride as my second favourite coaster that I have ridden.

Overall a brilliant day, good weather for most of it, fast moving queues, minimal downtime, good opening hours, thoroughly soaked by Valhalla and fireworks to top it all off! What more could one possibly desire?
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