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MineLoops Resort: a quantum parks ltd park!

Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:27 am

Hello all, as people who have read quantum parks limited you will know there is an park called MineLoops coming in end of Oct-start of Nov (possibly in time for hallowe'en) We have the entrance plaza, turnstiles and Main Street fully completed (main streets main colours are Cyan and Green) We are currently building an small lake, some paths heading off in different directions then some rides! (Should have three rides before November) we will be building a drop tower, screaming swing and a RMC, please give us idea for the themes (for the RMC as the Drop Tower and Screaming swing are going in a jungle themed area as well as a gigantic Planet of the apes ride) We are now open to request for ride areas or single rides. E.g the whole of x-sector, or a single ride like Rita. Another ride is a Flying coaster. This is completely separate to the Uk Theme Park Project which may be added to quantum parks ltd but will not open for at least June (uk theme park project will still be updated) Please send in your requests for ride recreations in MineLoops Resort as well as a theme for the RMC!

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