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Harper Point - Paraglider Competition

Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:28 pm

Harper Daily 23/03/84
Love Paragliding? Then take part in the Harper Bay paragliding competition! Who will we be able to get the furthest?! There will be a grand prize of the first ride on Driftwood at Harper Point for the person who gets first place!
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Exciting huh? I'm the chairman of Harper Gliders Club and have a few extra details for you! To enter you need to PM me your paraglider as a structure file. I recommend you send it to me as a mediafire download or send me your Skype name then I'll add you on there and you can send it to me. Also you need to make a peep to ride the paraglider. You can do this by either sending me its file or tell me what you want it to look like in your PM! If you don't have much time you can still compete in the race by selecting a remade paraglider! Pictures showing these should be released either tomorrow or Monday.

Size Restrictions.
To get the maximum amount of Paragliders to manage to take off they need to be less than:
>7 blocks in wingspan
>4 blocks in length
>8 blocks high (including seat)

All designs are allowed, wacky is good! ;)

The deadline will be the 15th of January (Entries and completion)

Good Luck!

~Alfred Green

Main Park Topic Link:,16671.0.html

Hello TTFers! Just thought I'd open up this competition to all of you ;) Please check out the main thread at Shyguysworld! It will help with the context :D

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