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TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:38 pm

What were your first few posts like? :-k

Did you enter the TTF stage with a noob-like view on loop da loops? Or have you always been a sophisticated, mature, grammatically correct, signature-wearing internet personality? [s:36y9qxdu]How much have you grown?[/s:36y9qxdu] What were you like as a wee TTF baby?

I had been introduced to theme parks at a very early age and had a pretty good view on how they worked. I first visited Alton Towers in 2003 and fell in love with it. I had suffered from a phobia of Duel before rapidly becoming obsessed with the ride. Towers Times was one of my bookmarks since about 2003, but I only discovered the 'forum' several years later. It took me about another year to be brave and sign up, in April 2009. When I joined I was twelve.

At first, not many people believed that I was Electric Bill, the animatronic skeleton from Duel. Nobody at all believed I was 98 years old. I had lied about my age to hide the fact that I was so young... 8-[ I am actually a skeleton though. Just to clear that up.

My first ever post! It went like this, from the Chessington Open Dueing Christmas...? topic:
"Electric Bill" wrote:
I noticed this on the map opening times too! It seems like Zoo Days but with Christmas decorations to me. As it's not being advertised as an event it won't be a major time for Chessington.

The 2008 map also says 'Christmas opening' so it must have happened last year as well.
I am a bit disappointed, really. It seems rather sensible to me. An anti-climax.

But, the stupid posts were yet to come...
"Electric Bill" wrote:
Nemesis is leaking unknown liquids... 8-[

You could say Nemesis is slightly 'old', but not in the same way as Corkscrew was (the technical term is Ancient). Most roller coasters, I think, last about fifteen years, unless its a particuarly good one, in which case longer. Dark rides are the same. Nemesis opened in *opens new tap and loads TowersTimes web page, clicks on Nemesis fact file* 1994, which means, by my ride age closure measurements, it reached the use-by date this year.

Luckily, Nemesis was frozen, not fresh...
I then got into an argument with Kaycee, who pointed out that my conclusion of 15 years was badly thought out... and well, stupid. Use by date? :? Especially the "frozen, not fresh" joke. What?
"ElectricBill""][quote=""Timmy" wrote:
Nemesis' lifetime is likely to be closer to 40 years.
"Tomato" wrote:
It's likely to have a complete rebuild when its 20 years old.
"Thomas" wrote:
That's fairly typical in engineering.

Either you're joking, or... :?:
My attempt at being clever has gone down the ever-more clogged plughole...

By the way, Nemesis seems to suddenly have weird things happening to it (dripping pipes, roaring, reliability, vibration, new supports, ect). Is this a sign?
[/quote]Notice I changed the name of the member I was quoting in an attempt to be... funny, I think? #-o I can't quite remember.
"Electric Bill""]I don't think Spinball Whizzer looks bad at all. It might have worn paint but it's not an eyesore in my view, infact I think it livens up the view from Towers Street really. Red and blue was a good choice of colours.[/quote][quote=""Electric Bill" wrote:
In 2006, somebody sparked a lighter on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory setting fire to some of the grass. Everybody on the boat was led into a room and told the official evacuation proceedings:

1. Runaround screaming
2. Check the Oompa-Loompas are OK
3. Re-theme Cred Street
4. Buy an Annual Pass with 23.56% off
5. I think by now you have realised I'm joking

I am sure there were much worse encounters with other members/obnoxious comments, but for the sake of humanity I am not going to list them. I do, however, remember that my signature used to look like this:

"Electric Bill's signature" wrote:
THIS IS MY REAL FACE![/spoiler:36y9qxdu]
:help: I also insisted on writing everything in purple. Which hasn't worn off, I am proud to say. :wink: Although at one point, I remember changing my colour to sickly brown to make it more Duel-ish (?!).
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:02 pm

Nice topic Bill.

I can't re-post my first post as it was soon removed. But to sum up, after months of careful lurking, I chose to introduce myself to TTF by posting a bizarre and obtuse report of an error I had discovered in one of the Mutiny Bay claw machines (Crazy Frog one) whereby you could deposit a mere 5p piece and receive 17 shots! 17! As opposed to the usual 1 for 30p. Despite well over 100 attempted grabs I still couldn't win one of the damn things.

Anyway, little tip for noobs - Apparently you're not allowed to post instructions for how to defraud Merlin :oops: I imagine I'm allowed to say this now as said claw machines appears to have been removed since.

You've got an excuse Bill, but I was 18 at the time. Cringe!
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:18 pm

Well, when I first joined with this account, I was quite literate and a bit of a self-conscious grammar snob. But I have had accounts on here in the past were i wuld speek lik dis all teh tim. Thankfully, after my ban from Atari for being underage, I built up on my Internet etiquette and was let back in later on. But my first post was in an Alton Towers photography thread. I can't remember what I said, but it was also my first rep point :D
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:43 pm

Hmm, it's hard to say with me because before this account (BiancaLizz originally), I was Alton-Towers-Dalek or something among those lines in 2005-2007 ish. I would find and post the nooby comments I know I would've said but it appears the account has been deleted.

BiancaLizz was a screw-up of my middle nickname back in secondary, Liz as I hated 'Rowena' at the time and Bianca was the feminised Italian 'White', which is my surname.
Back with that name, I was quite inane and rather noobish by posting un-useful stuff in topics and just didn't really make any sense, random commenting I could also say too. I don't think I posted in the Newbie "Say Hello" topic at all, which might've been a mistake of mine.

If you look through my older posts, you'll see a big difference between the small, annoying unconstructive comments and the now-bigger, more hopefully constructive posts I do today i.e. John Wardley's Greatest Achievement (probably the best post so far).

I did say a lot of stupid stuff back then, and I don't really have an excuse seeing as I was 15 at the time of rejoining with a knack of epicly complimenting fellow male members in the Margs Face-For-Radio topic... which I still do from time to time.

:P Oh dear me.
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:51 pm

My original posts weren't really fully fledged noob posts.

I do remember spelling awesome as ausome?! I also seemed to have a liking for consistently posting a lower case 'i' instead of an upper case 'I'.

I also remember coming up with some weird percentages... and would have been seen as too exact to be true. :P Another weird thing was a post claiming that Time Voyagers at Thorpe Park was really good and would be an excellent addition to the towers (in the ten year plan topic)...

I aslo didn't find the introduce yourself topic until I had been posting for two weeks. Which could be seen as incredibly nooby. 8-[

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:12 pm

Hmm... I found TTF when I was looking for information on the 2004 fireworks, as I was going wtih some friends from work.

It seems this was my first TTF post:
"DiogoJ42" wrote:
Posted: Fri 4th Feb 2005 19:16
[url=" onclick=";return false;]viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4928&p=92143#p92143[/url]

Duel Guns

Is it just me, or are the guns seriously uncomfortable to use?

1) the cable connecting the gun to the car is too short, so you can't hold it at arms length, or even tuck it into your shoulder. this makes for an awkward firing position with your (or at least my) arms bent.

2) the trigger is too stiff. By the end of a ride my trigger finger is sore, and i have seen people come off Tomb Blaster @ CWoA (which uses the same guns, I think,) with blisters.

3) They're just too damn slow! the only way to get rapid fire I've found is to hold the gun by the top of the breach in my right hand, and whack the trigger with my left.

4) for what they are, do they have to be that heavy? I know real guns ARE heavy, but how do kids manage to lift the things? Having said that, it wouldn't be a problem if the cables were that little bit longer...

Anyone else have these problems?

That's not too noobish, is it? :?
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:16 pm

Not at all Diogo. All good points that still stand.

How bizarre for a first post :?

[size=90]For some things there is no rational explanation. There is no way out. There is no happy ending to this story. Welcome to the unknown. Welcome to eternal darkness.

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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:37 pm

I'm still new-ish, so this'd be one of the comments that i'll wince at, at a later date.
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:35 pm

Whilst I've been a member for a while I've only recently become more involved, it's still pretty safe to say I made some pretty nooby comments. Good topic though Bill!

How do you find your original or previous posts :P ? Looks like I'm still a noob even now, just want to see my first post :lol:
If you go down to the Towers today, you\'d better ride Th13teen. :P
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:43 pm

I can't remember my first post but I know I read this forum for ages before I finally joined. I think I was searching the internet for info about Alton Towers before my first visit there in 2003, and I started reading it then.

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:47 pm

My first post:

Evening all, long time lurker first time poster here. My names Craig, 21 from "oop north" in Darlington (North East England in case you didn't know!). I currently work full time at a call centre 4 on 4 off, leaving plenty of opportunities for random roadtrips to random places (including AT). Aside from that, drinking, any type of music possible along with a bit of mountain biking thrown in for good measure.

Unbelievably, the first time I visited AT was last year, and have so far visited 3 times, with another trip to come next month. Kind of annoyed I missed out so much earlier on!

the mountain bike stopped for a while, slowly but surely taking it up again :P

Oh, and I no longer have the epic 4 on 4 off shift at work :(

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:54 pm

I din't bother introducing myself, I just threw myself into discussing SW6, made myself look rather obnoxious, ignorant, up-myself, I-know-best-attitude and what not, but eventually I ventured around and became a proper member. I signed up and occasionally visited, stopped, came back after a bit, and began to become more regular as time went on. I probably did make some stupid comments in the early days, but I had been on CoasterForce for a while before, so I wasn't probably too bad. I'd like to think I've improved, the way my rep points have shot up kind of suggests it, although I still look at some posts and think I sound a bit snobby :P

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:33 am



Alternatively, click on your username (on a previous post, for example). This will take you to a page that shows your account from how others would view it (NOT your profile page). Select 'search this user's posts' and all of your account's posts (instead of topics) will be listed.
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:42 am

My first post has long since gone to Forum Heaven, being way back at the start of 2004, though I do remember it was me asking some question about 'THAT' woody that never got built. :P

Still nice to have a read of the ones that still remain for eons ago, plenty of cringeworth stuff has come from my way over the years. :shock:
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TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:46 pm

Lol I wish I could read back on some of my first posts. I think I was on a ban warning within 2 days.

Nothing to be proud of ;)

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:02 pm

I think my first post has also been consigned to forum heaven, which is a bit of a shame, although my third recorded post was this.
To be honest, I think Cred Street needs to be rethemed, the monorail needs to be sorted out, and the Skyride replaced, but still following the same route.

This was made in April 2007, and since then, Cred Street has been rethemed into Cloud Cuckoo Land, the monorail trains have been refurbished, and the Skyride cars have been replaced. Spooky that what I reckoned should happen did actually happen!

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:10 pm

I believe this was my first post, looking back, this was in the thirteen ride and construction discussion area

"GothicAngel09" wrote:
I like that idea, i mean, the fear factor of thinking about going into a tree or a wraith is always good, even if that isn't the worlds first area, it should be included. My idea for the worlds first was they could send it underground, just to have something chase it (the demon) backwards and out of the lower sector, then just continue as normal, but that would take too much effort to make :roll:

My posts only went downhill from there, for example, my latest post, before this was...

"GothicAngel" wrote:
but... i wanna be a whore... :(

seriously though, this is epic, gawd is miss being a chat regular, ive missed a lot

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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:22 pm

I was such a n00b :x

"furies first post" wrote:
Hello, first post here and probably the only thread I'll really get involved with I'm afraid.

I'm massively interested in the Towers history and have been researching it since the whole "chained oak" thing first appeared.

First up, while Squiggles has done some excellent research work, the history page starts off a little confusing. The Earls of Shrewsbury were Sheffield based when they married in the Furnyvall family. The Furnyvall family owned Alton Castle, and that land then came into the possession of the newly created Earl's of Shrewsbury.

Alton Castle's history is well documented, the castle referred to in the History on here is Alton Castle, NOT Alton Towers (you have to remember, many people think Alton Towers is a castle, but the last official crenelation was Bodiam Castle in the late 15th/early 16th century).

Despite claims that there has been "well documented" references to the land on which the Towers stands for over 1500 years, the first real evidence isn't until 1731. There is a drawing dated 1731 in the William Salt library which shows Alton Castle, with Alveton lodge in the background.

I would think that the lodge was probably built as a hunting lodge in the 14th/15th century by the Earls of Shrewsbury, as that would fit in with the periods nicely.

However, the only confirmed date we have is that lodge existed in 1731.

The Ceolred references I can't find further details of. I don't know where the original source is that it was the Towers site and not the the Castle site which was his fortress. Having hunted for (and found) "well documented" pre-conquest forts sites, I can happily tell you they're often not quite where you expect them to be. Even well documented battle-fields (such as Bosworth) quite often have a lot of discussion over the true sites. A lto gets lost over the years, so any reference to The Towers being the site of Ceolred's fort should be taken with a pinch of salt, unless there is an accurate description of it's location (I've not found one, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist).

Alton (Alveton) Lodge became Alton Abbey in 1811, and it wasn't until 1831 that John Talbot made it the family home. Work started on the main sections of the hall in 1821 (or was it 1823, I'm crap at numbers and it's been a week since I read the details, but I wasn't looking at the later house then so didn't note it :lol: ), but I think the change of name in 1811 suggests that the initial work was started on the lodge around that date, with the main "gothic masterpiece" starting at the 1821 date, with the house livable in 1831 (Ref: Staffordshire Pocket Album).

Alton Castle was destroyed during the civil war, along with Chartley, Tutbury and Stafford. So the Earls will have retreated back to their home turf in Sheffield to sit out this turbulent period. The lodge will have remained untouched at it was a relatively small building and couldn't be used against Cromwell. The castle was rebuilt by Pugin (around 1847), and taken over by the church in the late 19th Century.

It amazes me that there is less well documented history of the Towers before the 15th Earl. The Castle is extremely well documented, as are many other hunting lodges, but Alton's history is vague, especially considering how famous the park now is. I suspect that there has been a degree of "muddying" and mistakes made due to the fame of the park. People assume that any references to a castle must mean Alton Towers, not realising that there's a Norman castle remaining under the 19th Century Alton Castle.

Trying to get details of medieval history is also a real nightmare, as the families moved lots, and the trees are complicated.

People may find this letter interesting:
[url=" onclick=";return false;][/url] ... ringPage=0

I hope this helps a little bit anyway? The Towers as they are were certainly built up from around the 1811 over a long period. It seems odd to me that much of the residence was probably only used by the Earls for 50 or so
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:05 pm

"Mankey52 talking about the Haunted House" wrote:
i remember every time i went on it, it broke down! i went on it about 6 times
it was so funny cuz i remember once we stopped right in front of that uge spider for about 30 mins... i was about 7 and i dont think i slept well that night

but i remember the first time i went on it i was 5... and seriously i dont think i opend my eyes until i entered Forbidden Valley!

At the time I was 15 hahaha! Back in 2005. I seem to remember in the 2004 period posting but for some odd reason my posts aren't there.

I was a lurker since TT started so yeah! I remember it being a good website to follow the construction of Splash Landings! :)

But yeah, I was a proper noob!
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:15 pm

Hey everybody this is my first post on the forum-Go me!
I am personally TERRIFIED of rollercoasters! I can't help it! Whenever i went to themeparks when i was little neither of my parents would go on the rides so i have sort of inheriated their fear. I'll be the first to admit that when i do actually go on a rollercoaster, i do enjoy it, but before i enjoy it, i have to endure those terrible nerves that make my stomach turn! These nerves usually turn me off going on the ride all together! I then end up feeling stupid and sort of left out because everyone can kind of get over this fear and enjoy the ride!

I plan to get over my fear - sooner or later, right now i'd prefer later, but for some reason i fear it will be sooner! :shock:

Has anyone got any tips to help me get over this fear?

My first post, way back in January 2006. I joined the forum because I was scared of rollercoasters, but really wanted to visit Alton Towers with my friends. My then 'friend' made a topic about being scared of rollercoasters, in which I was mentioned, so I felt I should join and say my part haha.

To say I've changed is an understatement. I'm certainly not scared of rollercoasters anymore, but there are still a number of rides I won't ride.

I don't post as much, that's a difference. :P But I think my posts are better, because well, my knowledge of themeparks/rides is ten times what it was when I joined.

Oh and I guess this was the first step to me and Nick meeting through the meetups and ending up in a relationship which is still going 4 years later (give or take lol).

So, yeah. I'd say I've changed. :lol:

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