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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:27 pm

4 years Kelly! That's a achievement in itself, most marriages don't last that long :P
My first post was rather "normal" but this is the first embarrassing one..
"Lauren" wrote:
What makes you trhink im gonna die?

In a topic called "roller-coasters to ride before you die" Got to hand it to me though, I was 12!
Shortly after this, I wrote a few sarcastic questions in the "vertigo ride" topic, which by the way, did that ride ever even exist?
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:08 pm

Haha, my spelling has attualy got worse over the last 4 years.. and i still love Ripsaw... and i STILL want a ride Ops red fleece! haha.

Hi All.

I went on RIPSAW yesterday, and it was the best i have been on it ever. It is my fav none roller coaster ride, and it was great to see it working with the water jets at last they fixed it. And they have also gressed it up as it spins more.

They have angled that end right jet to the right so they were wetting people walking up the ramp to get on the ride.

Oh what was funny, was a bunch of Chavs wouldnt "move up" all the way to fit everyone on. After being asked to 3 times by the ride op, they finally did, then the rid op laughed once they were locked in, and REALLY soaked them. Good on him!


No way i remember seeing you on Saturday Big Dave. LOL. yes you work there so i should, just seems weird. How the Hell Do i get hold of one of those cool Red Flease Jackest all you Ride Operators wear now. They are great! Really really want one too :o(
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:34 pm

Oh dear... :(

*not my first post, this was my third*

Discuss it here! I love cheddar and red leicester and all the other yummy flavours like Double-Oblivion and Smoked Air! :D


Most TTF-ers would probably still consider me a noobie now though. ;)
towers freak

Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:42 pm

My first post and topic was back in 2007 and created a typo that changed the whole meaning of the topic.

"Towers Freak" wrote:
Has anyone ever got suck on a ride at alton towers in mid-ride if you have i would like to know about you experiences.

Which stokywolf replied with:
"stokywolf" wrote:
Theme park porn alert!

We at towers times do not tolerate any stories, pictures or videos of any members or non members having personal time with the rides and attractions at any theme park especially at Alton Towers!

Please keep that sort of thing to your own 18+ rated website in the far realmed depths of Papau New Guinea.

Then Squiggles Replied with:
"Squiggles" wrote:
Well I was once sucked on the S... oh wait... that wasn't the question

And the moral of this story, for all the newbies out there is always read your posts more than once.
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:49 pm

"Matt.C" wrote:
I read that it could have a 15+ age limit restriction due to its close theming to a horror film. I really hope not, that would annoy me so much.

Pretty non-nooby really, although I'm astonished that I've made 573 posts :?
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Re: TTF Newbies. You used to be one.

Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:29 am

What I remeber the Origianal Balck Hole wasn,t wey Exciting :?

Brilliant Grammar, Spelling and just so informative!

And yes that was from 2003...a long time ago!

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