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My Action Movie Mash-Ups

Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:16 am

Thought I'd share these with you guys. A short while ago in history I used to be involved with creating an annual mash up of action movies as well as a weekly YouTube show regarding movie news and providing the latest trailers in 480p & 720p resolutions while the other members covered 1080p.

So anyway I did two mash-ups one for the 2011 period and one for 2012 which can be seen below. Now these were painstakingly time consuming to do. It involved me sifting through different variations of trailers (movies nowadays have tonnes) looking for scenes within that could be incorporated into my montage. Sometimes a single two minute trailer would give me an additional couple of seconds footage to add.

So trailer by trailer, frame by frame I went through what felt like days worth of videos to compile into one mega action packed video.

Then of course came music selection, now in this case only two choices came to mind. Two Steps From Hell & audiomachine, trying to keep the music in line with the flow of the video was tricky so again I went through loads of tracks searching for atmospheric music to accompany the videos.

Then came the video UI, now my first version of it was clean (which is the case in 2012 mashup) nothing there but there were great big dirty Apple & Yahoo! Movies logos stuck on the videos so I created a UI which gives details of music, movie & shows a poster while also hiding the logo.

And bringing all that together I created these below & I'm very proud of them. They aren't the best editing or mash-up videos but they are pretty epic if I say so myself! The first one was taken and uploaded by another YouTube user and am pleased its viewcount is 358,000+ :)

And this one is a funny story because I was working on this 2013 mash up when I first joined this forum back in Feb '13. Then I got obsessed with The Smiler construction so this video never came to fruition.. :D
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