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Should driving tests by law have to be re-taken?

6 (75%)
2 (25%)
Total votes: 8
Aidan Lowe
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Driving License - Should tests be re-taken?

Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:50 am

You pass your driving test, you're elated. Freedom is at your fingertips, you can do & go wherever you want. However you're now in charge of a potential death machine to either yourself or others.

So all the time on the internet you see videos of the worlds worst drivers & those who cause devastation by their inability to drive safely and cause loss of life.

So my question to you is should the driving tests by law have to be re-taken every 10 years which is when it requires renewal. I personally vote in favor of this because I'm sick of seeing people who haven't got the faintest clue how to drive and yet hold a license, I genuinely fear for my life because of these said people. By no means am I the best driver in the world but I take it very seriously.

Over time with age things begin to fail as its the natural way the human body and mind ages. And that one time for 40 minutes when you were 17 one instructors view of your ability to drive meant you passed. So I believe understanding and ability to drive should be accessed at intervals in a persons life in order to better protect them and others.

I've recently watch an M53 crash where warnings were in place to reduce speed on the motorway due to traffic at a standstill heading towards a slip road and yet a lorry driver goes into that lane and somehow drives straight into the back of them at 45-60mph and kills one person crumpling cars one after another.
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Re: Driving License - Should tests be re-taken?

Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:20 am

I'm sorry I don't agree with you I been driving 16 years this year and only been in 1 accident when someone went into the back of me 11 years ago. Lucky I had a tow bar on the back so the damage wasn't as bad. The thing I do agree on is if you max your 12 points on your licence you need to take a refresher course and if you pass that they knock 3 points off your licence and you can drive again. Do it a 2nd time you have to do a harder test and a 3rd time Your licence is taken off you and you have to do the theory and a longer test again. The law should be the same as the 1st 2 years of driving.
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Re: Driving License - Should tests be re-taken?

Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:45 pm

In some respect i agree with what Andy has said. Some of the drivers around here are terrible. They especially don't know how to deal with roundabouts, even when they are clearly marked as to what lane your supposed to be in. They also drive what ever speed they want. They do 30 in a national and 40 in a 30. So from that logic, i agree. But i think a re-test every 10 years isn't the answer. I think it should be a re-test for when you reach a particular age, with regards to cars. Bigger vehicles should have a re-test every ten years due to how dangerous they can be. This is just my personal opinion though.

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