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The Football Thread

Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:57 pm

I've noticed there seems to be no recent football thread on this forum, and with not everyone on the forums being football fans I thought it would be better to start a thread rather than take over the shoutbox. Also a lot of threads are premier league threads, yet a lot of this forum support teams outside it.

A few of my predictions for the upcoming season.

Liverpool will win the Premier league, after so many years, they've finally got a good manager, and appear to have sorted their goalkeeping and defensive problems as well as being the only team to beat City on multiple occasions. My top 4 would be :
1. Liverpool
2. Man City
3. Man utd
4. Chelsea

Relegationwise, I can only predict Cardiff. They've spent all their money on championship players.

As a Leeds fan, I follow the championship, and what can I say? It's the most promising season I've seen in ages. We destroyed a Stoke side which were favourites on paper with a team that could barely scrape a win a few months back plus one player, and Jansson and the rest of the top signings on the bench. We've got the most high profile manager the league has seen, and a manager seen as one of the best in the world by many worldlegends, as well as being viewed as godly in both Argentina and Chile. I see us finally going up, maybe not as title winners but automatics or playoffs. I'd guess Stoke, Swansea, Leeds, Derby and two others will make the top 6. As usual with Rotherham, I'm not sure how they keep coming up and going down.

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