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Alton Towers 01/09/19

Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:11 pm

Had another fantastic trip to AT yesterday.

We got into the park around 10:20 & because we've already done the Wicker Man a bunch of times we headed to Forbidden Valley.

Nemesis - we walked onto, such a classic
Galactica - we queued for 10 mins, an underrated coaster in my opinion, one of my favorites.

Then we walked past the Ripsaw site, I always shed a tear, I do miss that ride, into the gardens to walk to Dark Forest.

THI3TEEN - the queues were picking up now, but we didn't mind as it gave us a bit recovery time after the walk, waited around 30 minutes. When I first went on this ride last year I was a bit "meh" about it. Since then I've been on a few more times & it really has grown on me. The theming & ride experience are awesome, though it really does need some backstory during the queue line, I had to look it up to get the gist of what was going on. First time I'd seen the Tesla bulb in action too, does get a few jumps & scream :D

Rita - 45 minutes

Then we thought it was about time we went on the Wicker Man.

Wicker Man - 45 minute wait, I really don't mind waiting for this as the music & theming are so good.It felt a little rough yesterday, wasn't as enjoyable as earlier ride ins for me.

We then headed to the X-Sector.

Smiler - My total favorite, love everything about it. 45 mins. I did bang my shoulders on the restraints. I'm 6' 5 so they do feel a little snug but it did come sore. As we pulled into the station we saw one passenger talking to staff, he got off whilst still talking to them, then the ride got shut down, Have no idea what went on but we had to be manually let off the ride.

Enterprise - hadn't been on this for about 20 years. It's a little slow on loading & unloading passengers so was a good 20 minute wait but it's fun watching the Oblivion. We kept our eye on the Smiler & it was still down.

Oblivion - walked on it, another one of my favorites. Smiler was running empty now.

It was 4:30 now so we checked the times & headed back to FV to ride Nemmy, waited about 5 minutes then was going to go on Galactica again but that was closed so we thought the rides were done for the day. We were both done anyway after a day on our feet so headed back to the car park. We didn't realise the rides were on 'til 6, we're so used to 5pm but we'd done everything we wanted & got an easy exit out of the car park

We'll probably get in another trip in September, then another in October, I really want to ride the Wicker Man in darkness.

I've been checking the ride times today & they're insane, Nemesis as been 80 minutes plus all afternoon with a lot of the rides an hour plus, I always thought it was a bad idea going on a Sunday.

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